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" Work your ass off to change the language & dont ever get famous. "

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i might also mention that i’ve been drinking a minimum of 3 espresso shots a day for the past month. i quit 2 days ago, and the withdrawal is horrendous. major irritability, headaches, dizziness, drowsiness (even with good sleep), etc. 

i’ve also quit smoking pot. not that i smoked that much anyhow, but i’m feeling a call to purify my consciousness by cutting out unnecessary drugs that are hard on my body, mind and spirit.

so now i’m here drinking warm spiced almond milk w/ honey, getting my cozy on before bed. 

why does facebook ask you the gender of the people you’re “interested in”? i’m interested in all kinds of people. people are interesting.

" I think of my own voice left in fragments all over the city. I wonder if somehow all those fragments could be spliced together and played - would that be the message I finally meant to leave? "
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" It was as if we had come in on a conversation midway. That’s the kind of beginning it was. "
by Carole Maso, AVA (via theoryoflostthings)


   No epiphanies, no closure, just patterns, trends, an inkling of a design. No reasons. The embracing of complexity, ambivalence, contradiction. No false crescendos. Only one’s life there, there — stretched out before one — open again. Given back. Taken back. Those endless afternoons.

   Blue and green and gold brocade. Feathers, bells, someday.

 —Carole Maso Break Every Rule Essays on Language, Longing & Moments of Desire

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